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The Moroccan association of images and medias is organising the fifth film festival of Cap Spartel in Tangier under the name of Khalid Michbal. The topic of this term will be about Identities and minorities. The festival will be held between 4th – 7th April 2018.

This year, Cap Spartel International film festival will mainly focus on the relationship between cinema and minorities taking into consideration the organising side that selects films with cultural and educational dimensions. The selected films will deal with the phenomena of identities and minorities. In addition to this, the festival is organising various workshops and seminars for students and researchers.

The opening ceremony of the festival will give the floor to three shows. The first one is going to be about the projection of some photos (taken by Nafss Zakia Ibn Soubaih) of Porto, Portugal. The second one is going to deal with the history of FADO music in collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy. The last show will also focus on the cultural exchange between Tangier and Dan hang, where large minorities live and coexist.

Two important things will be added to the festival. Youth’s prize under the name of the artist Larbi Yaacoubi. This will pave the road for Youth of the region to share their experiences in cinema and discuss them with the audience. The selection of the winers will be decided by a Jury (press and critics) that contains critics and journalists from different countries.

The association will honor the deceased of national press, Khalid Michbal and Ami Driss. So, honoring someone each year will be a tradition for Cap Spartel film festival.

Cap Spartel film festival will thus honnour the portuguese cinema and the finnish one by screening aki kaurismaki films too.

The first-round table of the festival will be about Identities and Minorities in cinema. This latter will be animated by academics and researchers. Also, during the festival there will be a meeting session with directors from different countries such as: Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Belgium. Another meeting will be with the representatives of some foreign festivals in which they will present and discuss the important things about their festivals.

Two workshops are scheduled. The first one will be about the techniques of writing a scenario animated by Youssef Karami  and two  others  will be about the techniques of animation animated by Ibrahim Nawajha from Palestine and Fernado Galrito from Portugal.

Besides this, there will be some reading of poems from Morocco, Spain and Portugal,and Morocco. This term will also honor the great poet Fernando Pessoa by screening audio films on him curated by Sofia Saldanha from Portugal.


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