The Cinema and Moving Image Research Assembly (CAMIRA) is composed of critics, academics and curators in the domain of cinema and other moving image arts. CAMIRA is an association emerging at a moment when cinema and other moving image practices are undergoing profound structural changes in the domains of production, dissemination and reception. The association seeks to create adequate responses, critiques and relations alongside these new and mutating forms, technologies and practices. The multitude of contingencies that insist upon being accounted for force us to pose the question of our own practices and interrogate what our understanding is of this endlessly transforming object: is cinema something that is forever becoming, and therefore always inherently pre-cinematic? Or, is it an historical epoch, a time that has passed and with it the dream of its own being-in-the-world? It takes an international association to attack the storm of moving images that leaves us unable to remember what to choose for reflection. To this end CAMIRA are made up of an eminently international council of delegates, secretaries and boards, dedicated to several productive sectors of the association: festival relations, academic liaisons, an editorial board for our bi-annual multilingual printed journal as well as a board committed to an equally multilingual blog.

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